Forecast the Facts is taking eBay to task for its support of climate change denial by calling for the tech giant to step down from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in a national day of action. When it comes to climate change denial, ALEC is best known for its Environmental Literacy Improvement Act that seeks “balanced” teaching about climate change – which amounts to mandating the teaching of climate change denial in public schools, according to Desmog.

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“There’s no room for denying the overwhelming scientific consensus in a reasonable debate about climate change,” said Forecast the Facts campaign director, Brian Olson in press release. “It’s up to us to ensure that these corporations are held accountable for their support to climate change deniers.”

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A statement from eBay quoted in the press last week shows that the company recognizes the conflict between its support for ALEC and its green policies. “As these conflicts are identified, our team of internal stakeholders meets regularly to assess the best approach for resolving these issues. At the same time Forecast the Facts says its calls to eBay’s global green director and press office were unanswered as of the time the press release was issued.

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