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An Associate Professor of Art at Hanover College, Indiana, the artist has been collecting and reusing waste materials since 2009. So far, her CD installations have transformed discs into several meaningful exhibitions: Beginning with Entropy: a vortex of useless memory; and a piece focused on the investigation of audio called Rewind: the thinness of memory. In the latter, she explored interaction and participation as viewers gave their own sound to the CDs.

Her more recent exhibits look at the significance of the materials themselves. Event Horizon, an installation that took place last year, consisted of two curved vortex walls. Constructed from items that were formerly trendy and purchased widely, it symbolized the point of no return at the edge of a black hole. Another exhibit in 2012 was Dual Wielding, in which two horns extended from a Theremin.

+ Leticia Bajuyo

Via Sweet Station

Images courtesy of Rino Pizzi and Leticia Bajuyo