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“The Three Johns” carve incredible wood ceilings that line a variety of buildings, including the Malaga’s Picasso Museum. Known for restoring old works unique to Southern Spain, Los Tres Juanes also craft new ceilings for museums, churches, and palaces. Their most celebrated works include Nasrid-inspired roof frameworks, Alfarjes (polygon-shaped painted ceilings), and Mudejar-style coffered ceilings. Although it can be argued that using new wood to a decorative end is not sustainable, we believe that slow-art, handcrafted with love and patience, and preserving tradition are far more sustainable than anything produced at scale.

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Most of the group’s work is exported to Bahrain and Algeria, where the market for intricate, arabesque wood ceilings is apparently quite strong. But these panels also cradle the restored UNESCO-classified Alhambra Palace in Granada. Unlike these printed 3D “wood” objects, the Juanes produce quality products crafted with a love of art, and a love of a tradition that is quickly being replaced a culture of homogeneity.

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