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GAAGA architects approached the project with what they refer to as a “three-legged” design, creating three separate spaces that are unified in a large meeting space in the center. The single-story structure is capped with a cantilevered roof, which extends the usable space to the outdoors, while also creating a covered area to guard against rain.

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Prefabricated wooden walls made from laminated larch and laminated spruce are met with floor to ceiling window panes, which extend to the outdoors with a wrap around deck, creating continuity from the indoors out. Two arms of the teahouse include seating areas for dining, working or playing games, a kitchen and a toilet. The third wing houses a small exhibition space for community projects. The end of each wing is capped with a glazed glass wall and door, creating a more private seating area with overhanging eave.

Interior temperatures remain comfortable thanks to glazed windows that block solar gain, and a vegetative roof which not only insulates, but also manages rainwater. The prefabricated pieces made the structure easy to assemble, while saving immensely on construction costs and remnants.


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