Have you ever considered a three-wheel vehicle for your daily commute? Previously, the choice of sunny city dwellers traveling only a few miles, three-wheel EVs are now expanding to create commuting options for more people wanting to green their transportation. The Nimbus three-wheel EV aims to solve traffic congestion while combining the best traits of a scooter with a standard car. It gets 93 miles to a charge, and can go places many EVs can’t.

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A three-wheeled EV turning at an intersection

What is most unique about the Nimbus EV is that it balances itself and packs high-tech safety features to prevent accidents. No worries about being inexperienced steering a three-wheel vehicle. This car helps prevent collisions with cameras and AI, and has standard airbags and steel frame to protect you inside the car.

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The door off of the Nimbus to show the interior

Additionally, the EV also uses about one-third the carbon per mile of a Tesla Model 3, and a full one-tenth of a typical internal combustion engine car. We often don’t think about the overall carbon footprint of a vehicle from manufacturing to full lifecycle use, but even EVs have a carbon footprint. Using a smaller vehicle can help reduce this footprint.

The doors pulled outwards on the Nimbus

Best of all, the vehicle doesn’t need you to learn how to pilot it as it can balance and manage its own stability. This means you can drive a Nimbus EV with a regular car license in most locations.

In a time of skyrocketing vehicle prices, a tiny car like the Nimbus could provide an alternative to pricey larger EVs. The vehicle can be charged anywhere by taking out swappable batteries or plugging it into a wall socket directly for a 5.4 hour charge. If you have a Level 2 charger, the Nimbus can charge in 1.2 hours, which could be faster than your laptop. Nimbus is working towards having battery swapping kiosks in major cities to recharge the vehicle in a minute. This type of out-of-the-box thinking could change the game on who can use EVs for commuting.

The drivers seat and steering wheel interior

Nimbus is part of the YCombinator W20 Cohort, which means the company has had support in creating a business that can succeed. The company raised a $4.8 million-dollar seed funding round from JAM fund, Gaingels, Thiel Capital and Moore Strategic Ventures, which also can help assure this company will be around long enough to service your vehicle.

A woman with a long ponytail driving the Nimbus

Preorders for the U.S. and E.U. are now open, with deliveries beginning in Q2 of 2023 starting in the U.S. and then expanding to Europe. We saved the best for last. The Nimbus 3-wheel EV has a starting price of under $10,000. Even better, these vehicles can be rented directly from the manufacturer for $200/month with a flexible subscription model straight to the consumer. You don’t even have to choose up front. Just $100 reserves your spot for a Nimbus EV, and then you can either subscribe to the rental service or pay for a purchased EV.

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As companies rethink transportation and the entire structure of how we commute, recharge and even pay for our vehicles, we can’t wait to see how companies like Nimbus innovate and create new affordable solutions for the daily commute.

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