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Apple lovers will soon be able to buy Mac computers produced in the United States. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, one of the existing lines of Macs will be produced In the U.S. next year thanks to the investment of $100 million. The company will move some of its production from China, forging new agreements with domestic contract manufacturers.

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Like most consumer electronics companies, Apple forges agreements with contract manufacturers to assemble its products overseas. Cook pointed out that the assembly is just a part of the overall manufacturing process, as most of the cost lies in buying chips, many of which are made in the U.S. In his talk with Bloomberg, Cook stated that the production would include more than just final assembly. Machining of cases and printing of circuit boards could be done in the U.S.

The company and its manufacturing partner Foxconn Technology Group have been largely criticized this year over working conditions at the Chinese facilities where Apple products are currently assembled. According to Carl Howe, an analyst with Yankee Group, Cook’s goal is to buy goodwill from U.S. consumers, and createf high-value PR for the company. The news came a day after Apple posted its worst stock drop in four years, which again rose 1.5 percent after the announcement.

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