Dutch designer Tim Van Cromvoirt wanted to create a wall application that would look organic and act like living organism. So he used his final year at the ST. Joost Academy, in Breda to experiment with materials and reactions. What he developed was Thermophores, a spiky, sensitive and surreal piece of wall-art that reacts to changing temperatures.

We caught a glimpse of the design at last year’s Dutch Design Week. Up close, Van Cromvoirt’s Thermophores looked a lot like purple moss that would react and change color with the application of heat. Made from a special isolating material, when the “moss” would absorb enough energy it would brighten to purple. Once the cooling process took hold, it would then transform back to its original shade.

Thermophores can be custom-made into any shape or color.

+ Tim Van Cromvoirt

Photo © Tim van Cromvoirt