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Bogota, Colombia, Timayui Kindergarten, Giancarlo Mazzanti, conical rooms, rainwater harvest, north-south orientation, passive design, natural lighting, natural ventilation

Designed to nurture children age zero to five, the Timayui kindergarten is a fun and funky space that is flooded with natural lighting. In addition to aesthetic appeal, the sloped roof performs multiple functions: it allows for easy rainwater harvesting (which can then be recycled) and situates the skylight such that natural light reaches throughout the interior.

By using shotcrete for the walls, the designer was able to reduce construction time and also alleviate the problem of excessive material waste. And finally, the building’s north-south orientation permits a natural airy breeze that gives Bogota’s muggy days some energy-free relief.

+ Giancarlo Mazzanti

Via Designboom