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Timber was chosen for its sustainability, but also to match the unique color of the marble tiles that can be found throughout the penthouse apartment. The timber addition adds a labyrinth of different levels and areas. Openings within the timber walls peer onto levels below, while also letting in daylight from the flat’s original windows. The timber addition includes extensive shelving throughout the home and in the office area, reducing the need to purchase additional furniture.

The new third and fourth levels helped to make individual private areas for the parents and three children who live in the home. Wooden stairs lead to the new levels, which pop up like the façade of a treehouse. Kostelov took advantage of the shape of the staircase, including new storage with a stacked drawer system within the side of the stairs.

The new kitchen is clad in wood and matching marble tiles, repeating the cutaway style that lets light filter from the existing windows into the space. A second dining room with custom furniture was adding to the lower floor. Kostelov’s renovation was inspired by cubic design, so custom furniture was also created to coordinate with the new cubical additions.

Kostelov’s innovative addition expanded an already gorgeous flat from 846 square feet to over 1,140 square feet of living space.

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