When charged with adding a multi-functional building to a mountain resort in China, Shanghai-based firm AIM Architecture used the stunning landscape as inspiration. Located slightly away from the resort’s existing buildings, MuWeCo stands out for its dramatic vaulted roofs that mimic the outline of the mountain range in the background.

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low building with series of sloped roofs and glass facade

The Fushengyu Hot Springs Resort is tucked into the remote foothills of the Luo Fu Shan range in Sichuan, China. The resort has multiple buildings, including the main spa building and various villas and small apartments that cater to guests looking to enjoy the picturesque setting.

building with grey sloped roof
building with sloping roof and glass facade

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The resort management wanted a new building on-site to provide extra space for practical uses such as a wedding hall, exhibition area or conference rooms. However, the building’s design was completely inspired by nature. According to the project description, the architects’ concept aimed to create an open space that put the focus on the majestic, mountainous landscape.

low building with series of sloped roofs and glass facade
interior space with seating and sloping ceiling

To blend the building into this stunning backdrop, the architects created a series of striking sloped roofs that evoke the feeling of being under a tent. The dramatic design continues throughout the interior, where the curved ceiling panels dotted with tiny lights create a vibrant atmosphere.

glass facade of building's entrance

wooden paneled ceiling with small lamps

The walls of the building are clad almost entirely with glass panels, allowing optimal natural light to flood the interior while providing endless views of the surrounding scenery. The interior is spacious and open, with warm timber and cork paneling and flooring made out of local river stones, again creating a strong connection with nature. To really soak in the surroundings, guests are invited to enjoy the views from the large open-air deck, which provides 360-degree views of the mountain range in the background.

low building with series of sloped roofs and glass facade

According to the architects, they drew inspiration for MuWeCo’s design from the resort‘s incredible setting and from the desire to ensure complete and total relaxation for guests: “People visit spas for rest and relaxation, and this design opportunity allowed us to re-imagine nature and landscape as public spaces, and our relationship to both. The architecture provides a contrast for the stunning scenery, and has proven to be a lasting and beautiful space for wellness.”

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building plan
building plan