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One of the key pieces in Cherman’s space-efficient apartment is an Italian-fabricated multifunctional module that combines a sofa and folding bed into a single compact unit. At night, the bed folds out overtop the sofa, while the rectangular shelf turns into a support for the weight of the bed. Opposite the bed is a wall panel that folds down into a tabletop. When not in use, the stackable chairs and dining table base can be neatly stored in the closet.

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Cherman even equipped his tiny studio with an extra guest bed that folds out from behind the wall panel. A Diz armchair and a Mocho stool, designed by the “father of Brazilian furniture design” Sergio Rodrigues, add extra design flair to the apartment. The vibrant Brazil-inspired pattern used in the tile backsplash was designed by artist João Henrique and provides a visual contrast to the predominately neutral tones in the room.

Images via Fabio Cherman