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Despite its small 145-square-foot footprint, the children’s playhouse achieves a spacious interior feel thanks to one module’s double-height and the large folding window hatches that bring in generous amounts of natural light. The side opposite to the double-height room consists of two levels, with the upper loft accessible via wooden ladder. The open and abstract setup is perfect for stimulating the children’s imagination; the space can easily transform from a domestic playhouse to the grounds of a medieval castle.

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The house was built using traditional construction techniques used in Finnish barns to improve ventilation and prevent water leakage. To give a festive and playful character to the structure, the architects painted select wooden planks with vertical white stripes and left the remaining wood untreated. Those untreated planks will develop a grayish patina that will symbolize how the children grow older over time.

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Images via Anna & Eugeni Bach