Everyone makes tiny houses these days, but not like this one. KONGA’s new sustainable tiny home uses some pretty unique technology to allow you to go off-grid anywhere you like. From a freezing toilet to rainwater collection, this is one special tiny home you will want to check out for your next off-grid home plans.

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A tiny home on a field of grass

The KONGA off-grid tiny home starts with rooftop solar for power. It’s a 28 square-meter home in a modern style with dark clad exterior that you can place anywhere to produce free power and water. Rainwater collection provides off-grid water, so you’ll need to be somewhere with rainfall, but otherwise the possibilities are wide open.

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A tiny home by a lake

Additionally, the KONGA tiny home uses a wood stove and a water heating system that require no grid power. And the house system uses something called a freezing toilet at -22 degrees Celsius for sanitation. Freezing toilets work by electricity to freeze the waste contents for storage.

Interior kitchen wooden space

Moreover, the home is built in modular fashion and requires no standard foundation, so it can be assembled and installed in one day. Add to that the beautiful wood paneled interior, sleek black finishes of the stove and sink faucets, and you’ve got a beautiful getaway that costs next to nothing to run.

A living room space partitioned by a glass wall

Believe it or not, it gets better. The KONGA comes fully furnished. Burnt wood exterior is matched with wood veneer on interior materials, much of which is upcycled materials. For example, the upper cabinets in the kitchen use wood waste to create new cabinets with zero waste. There is a refrigerator, gas stove, sink and storage. In the bathroom, the shower is gorgeously outfitted with the latest in finishes, and you’ll love the big panel windows throughout.

A kitchen sink area with wooden design

Want it on the grid? The KONGA comes with hookups for water, waste and electricity too. We love the style and simplicity of this little prefab beauty, as well as the flexibility. Anywhere you want to put this cabin would be a great choice.


Images via Dovalde Butenaite Photography