The Living Vehicle aims to be more like a luxury off-grid apartment than a camper. It’s meant for full-time, off-grid living, including modern architecture, high-end finishes and a chef’s kitchen. All of this with an off-grid solar power system called LVEnergy that allows for complete self-sufficiency and energy independence to power all onboard equipment.

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A trailer set on a field

Starting at a price of $339,995 plus customizations, the Living Vehicle features a spa-like bathroom, home theater and a chef’s kitchen. It even has a convertible mobile office loaded with the most up-to-date Apple technology.

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The back of a trailer set in a field

This year, the 2023 Living Vehicle model comes with a more powerful, self-sufficient technology called Watergen (added for $25,995) that can generate drinking water from humidity in the air. The designers say this technology not only allows owners to drive and live anywhere, even the most arid regions, but also reduces the owner’s carbon footprint and plastic pollution by eliminating single-use plastic containers for water and transportation supply chain pollution. The system provides up to five gallons of drinking water per day, enough for a family.

The side of a trailer with two people getting out of it and a solar panel spread up top

Moreover, solar panels on top of the roof create more power than is available to most solar-powered homes. The newest model has a larger water tank for longer off-grid adventures.

The interior living room, sleep area and kitchen

If you’re thinking of using a Living Vehicle for remote work and being a digital nomad, you can get the Apple office gear from laptop to Creative Suite for $5,995. It would include tools for film editors and sound engineers who normally can’t drag their gear around to work remotely. This is an off-grid living solution for the creative professional, or the person who wants longer adventures in a sustainable camper trailer.

You need to plan ahead, though. Living Vehicle trailers are custom made with a 10 to 12 month lead time.

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