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Developed by the popular Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery (NCID), Wheely’s bikes are 100 percent eco-friendly, CO2 neutral and carbon footprint negative. The bikes are human-powered and the coffee is brewed using a solar-powered 31ah battery. Currently in midst of a high energy Indiegogo campaign, the company boasts healthy, happy coffee that doesn’t come at a high cost to the environment. In fact, the company claims that while buying one cup of coffee at your local Starbucks releases 400 grams of CO2 in the air, Wheely’s coffee is 100% free of emissions.

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The first Wheely’s test case was inaugurated in the Swedish university town of Lund, where it was a great success.  However, Wheely’s isn’t the Scandinavian company’s first foray into forward-thinking projects. The Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery is responsible for quite a few quirky inventions such as the iRock, an iPad-charging rocking chair, a hovering Fly Lamp and the indoor cloud called Nebula 12.

Once the company’s Indiegogo campaign has ended, expect to see a number of Wheely’s eco-cafes coming to NYC and other major international cities.

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