Architecture firm Snøhetta built a stunning remote cabin that is only accessible by foot or on a horse. Located in the mountain areas close to Åkrafjorden in Norway, the shelter goes almost unnoticed thanks to its curvy moss roof. Dubbed Bjellandsbu – Åkrafjorden, it was crafted from local stones and wood offering the perfect retreat to get away from it all.

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The stunning tiny cabin stands along a lake between high Norwegian peaks. Its humble, curvaceous design integrates into the landscape causing minimal footprint on its pristine surroundings. As it can only be accessed on foot or horseback, the shelter had to be crafted almost entirely from materials found nearby.

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Measuring 376 square feet, the cabin features two opposite wooden facades with rectangular windows that frame the landscape and bring in natural light. The third facade is completely made from piled-up stones and continues into a green roof that gently slopes towards the other end. The cabin’s interiors have a minimal Scandi-styleand a central chimney for to cozy up around.

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