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To create an energy efficient cabin, UUfie designed Lake Cottage with locally sourced materials and sustainable construction principles. In the central living room, the architects installed a wood-burning fireplace to generate warmth throughout the cabin, kept insulated by thick walls. Large windows and skylights flood the house with natural light and provide natural ventilation. The use of untreated timber features prominently throughout the dwelling, alluding to the outdoor landscape.

A steeply pitched roof constructed of black steel caps the two-story cabin, making the structure pop in the white landscape. The gable walls to each side are covered in black cedar planking that has been charred to protect it from termites and fire. The steep, 23-foot high roof cantilevers over a protected outdoor terrace below, that features a series of beautiful tree rounds stamped into the floor.

Inside, the architects bring the sensation of nature indoors with the use of large, strategically placed windows and delicate detailing. The interior walls are washed in white and punctuated by untreated timber panels adding warmth and color. A staircase carved from a single log ascends to a cozy loft to face a wall covered in light blue, fish-scaled shingles.

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Images via Naho Kubota