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As a design-build firm, Massiv Lust AS is comprised of both an architecture office and a small cross-laminated timber factory located in Luster, Norway. Since most of their projects are constructed in-house, the designers strive to work with locally sourced material and vendors. The use of Kebony wood cladding, for instance, was partly motivated by the close proximity of the Kebony factory.

Slightly larger than 100 square-feet, the interior of the tiny wooden bathhouse consists of locally milled oak planks, a shower, and waterproof medium density fiberboard furniture. The structure is topped with a glass ceiling that brings in copious amounts of natural light and offers stunning views up towards the surrounding forest canopy. Since the small island is inaccessible by car, the building was prefabricated offsite and then airlifted onto the island and assembled by a local carpenter.

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