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The shelter was used during the Papay Gyro Nights 2014 festival, which celebratesvideo art, sound art, experimental film, music and architecture. It takes place at the first full moon in February on Papa Westray, a small island in the northern part of the Orkney Islands.

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The shelter’s structure was inspired by the craftsmanship of tailors. The two-dimensional plywood pieces were sewn together into three-dimensional objects. And then, instead of using a CNC router, which was not available on the remote island Papa Westray, a simple jig saw was used to cut the plywood pieces. They were then sewn together with rope. This technique proved to be effective and the structure exhibited great strength. A hole in the top is meant to let out the smoke from the fire, while stones were placed on the floor shelf to anchor the structure to the ground.


+ Papay Gyro Nights 2014 Art Festival

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