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The architects sought to create two distinct but interconnected spaces in the studio, using the element of wood to unify the space, while playing with the different levels and the rise and fall of the zigzag ceiling heights to spatially delineate the two spaces.

Constructed at the apex of the property, the architects used Polygon Studio’s site placement to guide the design of the interior space. The spacious sculpture studio is located on the ground floor with the guest room placed on the upper loft, at the pinnacle of the site. Sliding doors lead out to a small balcony that juts out from the upper guest loft to take advantage of the views out towards Lake George through a dappled green veil of trees. Stairs descend 130 steps from the building to connect Polygon Studio with the lake.

Durable galvanized steel siding wraps around the studio to protect the structure against the elements. Vertical planks of locally milled red cedar cover the east and west facades as well as the interior of the studio; the warm tones give the space a sense of warmth reminiscent of a ski lodge.

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