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Brad Kittel promotes a philosophy called Pure Salvage Living that takes advantage of materials already out there in existence, but not being used. Through his company Tiny Texas Houses, Kittel has been reclaiming materials like from old barns, dilapidated houses and warehouses to use as building materials for his little homes. His homes are built from 99% salvaged materials, 100% American grown and mined materials, refined and manufactured into building materials inside the USA, and are made entirely in the USA. The homes are also built to be energy efficient, rely on natural ventilation, are well insulated and need minimal heating without toxins and VOCs. They can be built to be off-grid and are portable in case the owner ever wants to move them.

Tiny Texas Houses start anywhere at $35,000 for a 10’x12’ Essay Contest House, which is 10’ x 12’ with a fairly large loft. The larger sizes like the 12’ x 28’ can be closer to $75,000. Roughly, the homes work out to around $150 per sf and at the small sizes, work out to an affordable home made completely from reclaimed materials. Clients can pick out their materials from the company’s warehouse and construction can take anywhere from 3-6 months depending on how busy they are. Tiny Texas Houses also offers a few completely free downloadable plans in case you are savvy enough to build your own. And if you’re interested in learning more about salvaging and reclaimed materials, you can join the crew on a Salvage Mining Expedition for an in-depth hands-on seminar to teach you how to salvage a historic building and use the materials to build a home.

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