The city of Aarhus, Denmark is not about to let a little concrete keep its citizens from experiencing the pleasures of urban gardening. Architect Steffen Impgaard created The Green Embassy, a wooden gardening hut open to the public so that those lacking their own green space can still enjoy the thrill of growing their own food.

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Working in collaboration with project Taste Aarhus, a culinary initiative geared to celebrating the city’s role of European Region of Gastronomy 2017, Impgaard designed the hut to resemble a seed as a metaphor for the new initiative, which seeks to make the city “sensuous and palatable”. The gardening space will be open for two years to serve as the headquarters for Taste of Aarhus team members, as well as a creative workshop for green-loving citizens.

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Made out of woven willow sticks, which filter natural light into the interior, the structure’s shape and materials were chosen to create an optimal site for greenhouse gardening. Although the pavilion was designed to be noticeable to passersby, its natural materials make the hut an unassuming presence in the public square where it’s located.

+ Steffen Impgaard

Via Archdaily

Images via Kirstine Mengel