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Tivoli Ecoresidences, Brazil, eco resort, thatched roof, Praia do Forte

Each of the eco residences is a two-story structure with a small swimming pool located on the second-floor terrace. The living area is located on the upper floor, which features excellent views of the surrounding forest, and the sleeping quarters are on the ground floor. The cottages were designed by Thiago Bernardes of Bernardes Arquitetura and Paulo Jacobsen of Jacobsen Arquitetura.

The thatched roof design of the eco residences is intended to reflect the traditional architecture of the region. The lower levels are constructed of stone, and the facade transitions to vertical wood planks on the second floor. Despite the somewhat rustic appearance, the interiors are quite luxurious, with modern finishes and features. The architects also worked with landscape architect Fernando Chacel, who filled the oceanfront property with a variety of flowers and native plantings.

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