Last week I attended the opening of the Bay Area Furniture Art exhibit at the Blue Room Gallery. One of the designers that stood out to my green-hunting eye was Todd Laby, whose company, Rhubarb Decor, aims to improve the perception of green furniture through “aesthetics with ethics.”

Laby’s “Slant” collection of plyboo (bamboo plywood) bookshelves brings a smart concept to eco-friendly materials and simple design. As you can see from the image above (please excuse inadvertent product placement), the “Full Slant” allows books to recline naturally, unlike most shelves where books lean awkwardly in search of comfort and inflict gradual damage on their spines (much like a human, no?). The Full Slant has two siblings, Slim Slant and Wall Slant, to accomodate your spacial needs. It’s a family of modern La-Z-Boys for your books.

+ Rhubarb Decor