The British town of Todmorden has already made name for itself by sprouting edible plants up and down its streets – and the city recently received a grant of over £500,000 to expand their edible initiatives with a new Aqua Garden. Completed by Green Future Builders the Aqua Garden cultivates plants and veggies using highly efficient, water-saving gardening methods.

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Todmorden has been expanding its urban farm project in the past few years – in addition to planting veggies and trees all over the place, the town has also planted several orchards and they have more on the way. These edible plots are planted on public land around the town – including the fire station and the railway.

Every school in the town is involved in the growing action, and food-based learning programs benefit the community as a whole. Land is still being donated for gardening initiatives, so the project is set to grow and grow. Take a look at their Incredible Edible site for more information!

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Images via Edible Todmorden