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In just under a week, the toilet bike will begin a 100% biogas-fueled journey from Kyushu to Tokyo, making press stops to answer questions by inevitably bewildered spectators. Toilet Bike Neo’s commode rests atop a three-wheeled motorcycle, with receptacle tank behind the “seat.” TOTO has been very slowly revealing information on the bike, and today the unveiled photos of the finished vehicle. While we’re not actually sure how the thing works (or if the rider must “power” it while riding!), we anticipate more information to be revealed as the official October 6th launch date approaches.

Toilet Bike Neo’s tank is by no means a regular toilet – it has something to say! As it travels down the highway, it writes messages in Japanese with LED lights. It also plays music and talks. Like many of TOTO’s actual toilets, the toilet bike can chat to you while you’re doing your business on a variety of subjects like fortune-telling, stocks, or even the weather.

TOTO’s Toilet Bike Neo will soon begin its national tour around Japan, starting at their Kitakyushu headquarters. From there it will embark on a multi-city tour that includes a stop off at a butt-shaped boulder in Nakatsu. We can’t wait to see how the journey progresses, and we hope the rider maintains a diet rich in fiber to keep the busy schedule on track!


Via Spoon Tamago