It is decided: Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge announced the winner at a ceremony held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday. The Japanese capital received 60 votes in the final round while the other finalist, Istanbul, received 36 votes. This is the second time that Tokyo has been chosen to host this mammoth international event; the first was in 1964.

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In the final bid for the 32nd Olympiad in 2020, Madrid was eliminated in the first round of voting. As for the second-place city, Istanbul, this is now its fifth unsuccessful try to get the Games to Turkey, as it was out-voted by Tokyo in the final round.

Japan last hosted an Olympic event in 1998, when the Winter Games were held in Nagano. Tokyo was the third choice for the 2016 Games, which will be held Rio de Janeiro. Asked at the Q&A session after the ceremony about the recent toxic leak at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Japanese prime minister claimed that the situation is under control.

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