Astro Boy, Japan’s favorite mid-century anime android, was recently immortalized in a stunning metro ticket tableau at the Shinjuku Takashimaya department store. The pointillist portrait is composed of scores of recycled subway tickets folded into black and white squares to create a pixel-perfect rendition of the iconic robot as he ushers in a new era of public transportation. Created to celebrate Tokyo’s new Fukotoshin subway, the mural measures 10′ by 7′ and is composed of a staggering 138,000 tickets.

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We love to see projects that explore innovative applications for cast-off materials, and this Astro Boy artwork strikes us as the perfect way to stir public sentiment around an exciting development in public transit. The new Fukotoshin line will ease inner city congestion by providing convenient service through the northwest, southwest, and central districts of Tokyo. The piece was created entirely through the collaborative efforts of a team of volunteers, and serves as a testament to the emblematic appeal of Astro Boy, whose modern message has resonated through Japanese culture since his creation in the 1950’s.

Thanks to Seireeni for the tip!