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Unemori Architects had a 112 square foot plot to work with when they were commissioned to build this home. Instead of eating up every inch of it, the designers decided to place the “Small House” smack dab in the center of the property, which allowed them sidestep the city’s setback regulations. This placement also permits plenty of light and wind to encircle the tower, which filled out too much would have created a sense of claustrophobia.

Inside, the three floors are separated by thin, simple floorboards, all of which are then connected with a spiral staircase that creates a flow between each level. In order to further cool and lighten the home, Unemori put strategically-placed large windows and hinged doors in each room that open out into the better part of the neighborhood. The base may only be 13 square feet, but bringing so much daylighting and natural ventilation into the home has given it a genuine sense of expansiveness that only the Japanese can achieve!

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