While the excitement of the holidays are long over, we’re still left stuck in the thick of winter. But there’s no escaping this wintry mix, so we might as well enjoy it with some old-fashioned winter fun: sledding! Designer Tom Hatfield has created gorgeous and functional sleds using found branches from Christmas trees brought to the curb around his native London. The purposeful rough-hewn effect is achieved with “bodging,” a traditional (if not primitive) woodworking technique where branches are used as is, and left untreated as “green” wood.

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Aside from calling attention to the reuse of discarded resources, Hatfield also wishes to inspire creativity and handiwork – something he feels people today are lacking – on top of fun!

So imagine high tailing it down a hill in a park, catching whiffs of your sled that curiously carries the aromatic smell of Christmas trees! This thought definitely makes getting through the rest of winter seem a little easier…

+ Tom Hatfield