As California languishes in the worst drought in the state’s history, the uber-wealthy are finding themselves “drought shamed” for wasting massive quantities of water, flouting restrictions to keep massive estates lush and green. But no story yet has been quite as crazy as this one: the Calleguas Municipal Water District is suing mustachioed TV nice guy Tom Selleck for stealing tens of thousands of gallons from a public hydrant for use at his 60-acre Hidden Valley ranch in Westlake Village, CA.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the Calleguas Municipal Water District spent $22,000 to have a real-life P.I. trail trucks that were loading up with water from a public hydrant in the Calleguas district and transporting it back to the Magnum, P.I. star’s ranch—in the Hidden Valley Municipal Water District, during a time when residents are being asked to cut their water usage by 25 percent.

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The Calleguas Municipal Water District has filled a complaint in Ventura County Superior Court detailing more than a dozen occasions since 2013 a white truck has loaded up with water from the hydrant and delivered the water to Selleck’s 60 acre ranch, which includes an avocado farm and several horses. As recently as March 2015, the truck filled up on four separate occasions.

And before we jump to the assumption that Selleck might have had no idea that his sprawling estate was the recipient of stolen water, the complaint also explains that a cease and desist order was sent to the actor and his wife way back in November 2013. Now the Calleguas Municipal Water District is seeking a direct injunction to bar Selleck and the employees of the Hidden Valley Ranch from taking water from the area, as well as coverage of legal and investigative fees.

Selleck and his representatives have yet to respond to the allegations, but we can be absolutely certain that Higgins would not approve of such behavior.

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