We loved the colorful airy grouping of Tomomi Sayuda’s Daydream Lamps at this past weekend’s ICFF. The paper lanterns are crafted from handwoven Japanese paper, with the delicate swirls of color which softly infuse a room with light in the form of a cluster of flower blooms in Spring.

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Each of the Daydream lamps comes in three sizes, with the option of delicious sounding colors—newly introduced for ICFF—including Sprout, Cherry or of course, Rainbow. The bigger the lamp, the more “scales” or “feathers” it  has, with the smallest resembling a leafy piece of dangling fruit and the largest  almost a furry rounded animal.

Each of the circular “scales” which are layered to create the shape of the lamp, maximize the paper lamp’s gorgeous floating luminosity effect, by layering an outline of dark defined color atop the translucent paper base. With overlapping and layering, Sayuda builds up the round shape of the lamp, giving it the effect of a fresh picked plant or flower.

Grouped together, the Daydream lamps have a truly fantastical effect, creating a scene from a Japanese Sakura Garden. Alone, the lamps bring a warm glow and organic feel to any room.

Each of Sayuda’s Daydream lamps are handmade at her studio in London.

+ Tomomi Sayuda