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Constructed atop a brick foundation, Tom’s Hut is made from a prefabricated and angular wooden structure. A sloped metal roof and chimney top the cabin and the timber planks that clad the sides are left unpainted to maintain a strong connection with nature. The surrounding site is left largely undisturbed, save for a simple stone fire pit, retaining wall, picnic space, and hammock.

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The contemporary and wood-clad interior is split into two levels: a large central space and a small loft area accessible via a black steel ladder. Black metal trim outlines the doorway, loft, and stove area to give more structure to the minimalist space. Large windows frame views of the landscape and bring abundant natural light indoors.

“The hut as a striking identity becomes a partner, a place of retreat, but also for hospitality and personal development,” write the architects. “Arrive, find shelter, rest, nourish yourself and find balance within. Then the view outside into the wild. Vision.”

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