TOMS first pioneered the “buy one give one” business model with shoes, and now their newly launched coffee roasting company will donate one week of clean water for every bag of coffee you buy. TOMS is working in partnership with Water For People to provide clean water in five countries using sustainable and community-owned water systems. Angel Orozco, the company’s master roaster, will also be ensure the coffee beans are ethically sourced and deliver the highest quality.

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“Through my travels, I found that some of the greatest coffee comes from developing countries,” said TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie in a statement. “I learned that the largest ingredient in coffee is water, and that in many of the countries producing coffee, there are huge populations of people without access to safe water.”

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The plan to start selling coffee was announced on stage at this year’s SXSW, and includes retail bars, a custom roast subscription service, along with wholesale accounts. TOMS already has a national deal with Whole Foods for packaged whole bean coffees, where you will be able to buy 12 ounce bags of coffee that retail for $12.99.

TOMS will source their beans from Guatemala, Honduras, Rwanda, Malawi and Peru, the same countries where they plan to make clean water more readily available. All of the beans will then be roasted in the United States as part of a fine-tailored process that defines the unique flavor of each region’s harvest.

Even though the company has no prior experience with coffee, Mycoskie made it clear at SXSW that there will be two TOMS coffee cafes launching in Austin and Los Angeles soon – with one planned for New York in late Spring as well. As stated on their website: “When we started as a shoe company, we knew nothing about footwear. But starting from scratch only made us work that much harder. We’re taking the same approach with our coffee.”

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