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Ton’s Chicken Cabinet turns a familiar furnishing into a system dedicated to free range egg production. The cupboard is built to EU-approved free range specs, and it provides enough space for three chickens to roost and lay eggs. The compartmentalized unit has drawers for soil, straw, corn feed, and egg storage, as well as tiny curtains for the hens, since they prefer to lay eggs in the dark. Chickens need space to roam, so the unit should be placed in a backyard to give them access to the outdoors.

The Chicken Cabinet is part of Ton Matton’s line of Free Range Furniture, which includes a water-filtering “Jungle Shower”, the Compost Toilet 2.0, and a plant-growing Orchard Chair. Ton is the founder of Werkstatt Wendorf, an abandoned school turned design laboratory that is focused on developing “productive urban living concepts.” His works seek to show how tenants of country living and self-sufficiency can be applied to contemporary designs focused on production.

Ton certainly practices what he preaches – Werkstatt Wendorf is a model of self-sufficiency. Located in the German countryside, the living laboratory is powered by a massive 25 KW solar array that produces five times more electricity than needed. An on-site wood gasification facility provides heating and hot water, and it’s fueled mostly by locally grown wood – Ton has planted 500 birch trees and is aiming for a four hectare plot. Water is collected from a nearby lake, which is planted with purifying reeds, and solar thermal panels warm up water for showering.

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