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Smart-Stell House is a one-story horizontal house that likes to keep its privacy from the outside world featuring a band of clerestory windows on the top. Envisioned as a “home and vacation home” at the same time, it opens up to the back welcoming nature in. Measuring 2400-square-foot the overlooks a big garden and lake, which are best appreciated from its long and lean wooden deck.

The spaces are filled with natural light and crossed ventilation and the main area, great for entertaining, features an open living, dining, kitchen and working space. The angled roof is made from a wood beams and a steel plate composite structure – co-designed with North Carolina Solar Center – and features an IPE pipe trellis. This way the sun’s harsh rays are blocked during hot summers days, and during winter, the lower sun’s rays can enter the house making the interiors warm and light.

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