The City of Brotherly Love is set to become the next city to join bike-share craze. Last year, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities joined forces with the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council to issue a RFP for a strategic bike sharing plan.  This week Toole Design Group was chosen to roll out the city’s first bike share!

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Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation & Utilities has already reserved $3 million to fund the city’s bike share program. They received six submissions outlining plans (including proposals by Bike Nation, Nelson Nygaard and E3 Think), but DC-based Toole Design Group’s plan made the best analysis within budgetary constraints. Tool also has extensive experience in bike sharing – they just issued a manual entitled “Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation.”

Toole’s plan will collaborate with the Foursquare Integrated Transportation center, which will let bike renters know which kiosks are busy and if bikes are available. The scheme also takes some of the funding weight off the city by drawing upon private and public sponsorship to get the bike share program off the ground. By 2014, Philadelphia plans to have 1,000 bikes in their bike share fleet, with 100 stations throughout the city.

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