As we count down to the New Year, we are taking a moment to review 2007 and think about the highlights of the year. Each of us here at Inhabitat have our own personal opinions about what the most important Inhabitat stories of 2007 were. But ultimately, all that really matters is what you — our readers — think. Counting down from ten to one, based on traffic and reader comments, these were the most popular Inhabitat stories of 2007:

10. TOP FIVE SEXIEST SUSTAINABLE SPORTS CARS – 09/21/07 by Jorge – 35 comments

Top Five Sexiest Sustainable Sports Cars, Sexy Sustainable Sports Cars, Eco-friendly Green sports cars

9. SEVILLE SOLAR POWER TOWER– 04/21/07 by Jorge – 42 comments

Seville Solar Power Tower, Photovoltaic Tower in Andalucia

8. GREEN GRAFFITI – 10/24/07 by Abigail – 43 comments

Edina Tokodi Green Graffiti, Urban Moss Graffiti, Clean Green Eco graffiti

7. CRYSTAL ISLAND – WORLD’S BIGGEST BUILDING – 12/26/07 by Karim – 44 comments

Norman Foster Tallest Skyscraper in the World, Crystal Island by Foster and Partners, Crystal Island, The Christmas Tree building, Foster and Partners, Gigantic Crystal Island Building in Moscow, Moscow gears up for world’s tallest building, Foster + Partners, Tallest Building in the World, Tallest

6. HEINEKEN WOBO BEER BRICK: The Brick That Hold Beer – 10/11/07 by Ali – 55 comments
Heineken Wobo Beer Brick Bottle, The Brick Tha Holds Beer, Heineken Wobo Bottle

5. STAIRCASE DRAWERS –05/11/07 by Emily – 62 comments

Staircase Drawers, 2-for-1 Storage Solutions, Compact Living Storage Solutions

4. APTERA DIESEL ELECTRIC HYBRID – 10/09/07 by Kate – 81 comments

Aptera Diesel Electric Hybrid on Sale Now, Futuristic Electric Car, Diesel Electric Hybrid Car, Aptera

3. REVERSE GRAFFITI – 01/11/07 by Matt – 88 comments

Reverse Graffiti cleans the environment, clean green reverse graffiti, reverse graffiti, washing graffiti, clean graffiti

2. X-SEED 4000 – WORLD’S BIGGEST TOWER FOR JAPAN – 08/20/07 by Kate – 92 comments

X-Seed 4000, World’s tallest tower will house 1 million people, World’s Tallest Tower

1. MAGLEV WIND TURBINE – 11/27/07 by Mahesh – 93 comments

Maglev Wind Turbine, Magnetic Levitation Wind Turbine