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Sit to Walkstation

To really beat that lethargic feeling at work, the Walkstation from Steelcase is an exercise desk that elegantly combines a treadmill with a workstation. These units are pretty pricey (starting around $4200), but you may find that an office could share the Walkstation as a “drop zone” used by several employees. If you are wondering if walking on a treadmill would still allow you to preform your daily work tasks, check out the results of this study which proved that participant’s performance did not drop, but did take a bit of getting used to.

GeekDesk Version 2.0

Strengthen your core, and work against bad posture, simply by standing at your desk!  The easily adjustable GeekDesk allows you to easily change the height for multiple users, or to switch between sitting and standing positions. The frame height has an amazing span, adjusting from 21.7″ at lowest all the way to 47.95″ high. It will also carry up to 275lbs on the top, so you could easily keep heavier items like books or monitor in place while adjusting the height.


Fitdesk is a compact exercise bike with an integrated, comfortable platform for your laptop. We love how you can really feel like you are getting away from a “desk” because the worktop surface is so minimized. Because it folds up for easy storage, you could even have this tucked away in your office, and use it during portions of the day when you want a change from your standing desk! This product is easy to fall for, but watch out that you don’t love it too much that you put your body at risk of bone problem, like the addicted rider featured on TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

The TrekDesk is designed to be used in combination with almost any treadmill. It is a fraction of the cost of an integrated treadmill desk, like Steelcase’s Walkstation, but it also has the utilitarian, and somewhat over-engineered look that comes with having to fit so many variables of sizes and heights of 3rd party treadmills. A benefit of the maximized adjustability range is that you can even use the treadmill while it is in an incline mode.

Crescendo C2 Maximus Standing Desk by Stilvoll

The Crescendo C2 Maximus standing desk combines design elegance with the sturdiness of fine woodworking. The generous desk top has a floating, wing-like appearance, and includes a seamlessly integrated tilt-up writing platform. Other surprises hide within this  simplified form: extendable legs, a pull-out keyboard tray, and optional modular shelving.

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Kickstand Desk

If you have a bike and are looking to put it to work for you all day long, then you should consider the Kickstand Desk. “Rather than change careers and become couriers, we decided to solve the problem with furniture” say the folks that developed the Kickstand Desk. The desktop is made from recycled glass and is easily adjustable to fit the height you need. The desk is on sliders so that it can be pushed out of the way when you need space to dismount your two-wheeler.