Electronics have a pretty nasty rep as polluters of the Earth, but they can actually be an environmentalist’s best friend when they’re used for good instead of evil. One of the best examples we can think of? The iPhone! From calculators to maps to rulers to books, the iPhone replaces so many things that we’d otherwise have to produce, consume and probably throw away with handy (and oftentimes free) apps. Read on to see our recommendations for the top 7 best green iPhone apps (in the words of our readers) as well as the winner of our sweet bamboo iPhone case giveaway!

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In the words of brazenbaretoe: I love the Good Guide app. It helps when shopping in the grocery store. It tells you what products are environmentally good and now it has a barcode reader that makes looking up items even more convenient.


In the words of iPhone Monster: I love “A Real Tree” because it’s a pet tree that I can watch change with the seasons on my phone, but it also supports reforestation by giving money to plant trees in the real world!


Unlike our other picks, this incredible app wasn’t chosen by our readers because it’s so advanced that it’s not even available to the general public! The genii over at NASA developed this prototype chemical sensor that hooks up to the iPhone to sniff out small amounts of chemicals like methane, ammonia, and chlorine gas a use that could save lives.

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In the words of wenmos33: Kindle App for iPhone is my favorite app! Not only can I read a variety of my favorite books, but it cuts down on contributing to the destruction of trees – paperless, more-eco-friendly reading! I love it.


In the words of taylen24 : I actually just read about this one the other day so perfect timing on the post! 3rdwhale’s FindGreen app is the yelp of green treasures in major cities! from finance to food there’s always a better option so why not find it with a couple finger flicks (much better than the electricity used surfing the web!) best feature: you can find place within “walking or biking distance” instead of driving! if they don’t have anything, you can add your favorite green place to the app! pure greeny awesomeness 🙂


In the words of jeaninedc: My favorite app is LOCAVORE. Locavore gives you a list of produce in season week by week, it helps you locate farmer’s markets and restaurants that serve local food and even lets you see how far away any specific produce was grown. Oh, and it can be used when traveling to keep on eating locally wherever you go!


In the words of ecochicchick: My favorite app is the map. It sounds boring, but it’s really helpful! You do not need to shuffle through piles of maps. (precious trees!) It is quick and simple to find your way, there is a blue dot that shows where you are for even faster map reading, and even if you don’t know how to read a map well, the map app is easy!”

Last but not least, congratulations to the winner of our bamboo iPhone case giveaway BarbaraChile! We’ll be sending you your beautiful new case soon!