It’s thrilling to see so many new constructions striving to be as eco-conscious as they possibly can, but beware. What looks green on the surface of things can belie another story entirely when you dig a little deeper. Here we reveal what we believe to be the most ridiculous cases of architectural greenwashing we’ve seen so far.

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1. Dubai’s Floating ‘Sustainable’ Iceberg Lodge

As wildly fantastic and beautiful as this frosty resort appears, the idea that a year-round iceberg floating off the coast of one of the most sweltering places is sustainable seems full of hot air.

2. Perkins + Will’s Antilla “Green” Tower in Mumbai

This 27 story ‘eco’ tower in Mumbai boasts green features, but it is being built to house A SINGLE FAMILY. That’s right – a 27 story building for a single family! It also doesn’t help that it is financed by Reliance, a petrochemical corporation whose earnings come from exploring, producing, refining and marketing oil and gas.

3.The ‘Universe’ Artificial Islands in Dubai

With supermassive The World resort already constructed in Dubai, do we really need The Universe too? Additionally, the techniques used in the construction of the World Islands have raised concerns over beach erosion, damage to coral reefs, and biodiversity. Not very green, if you ask us.

4. Anara Tower

We don’t want to be playerhaters – this massive construction may still be able to redeem itself with the eco-features it is attempting to incorporate to achieve LEED Silver status, but what’s the point of making something resemble a wind turbine if it doesn’t generate any power? That’s right – as far as we know, the mammoth blades that top off the Anara Tower just sit there uselessly. That certainly won’t help generate the power needed to run the numerous elevators and 300 swimming pools that are going to be situated inside.

5. The Megamansion

No matter how many solar panels, green roofs and rainwater catchment systems are outfitted onto a 15,000-square ft home, the fact remains: IT IS A 15,000 SQ. FT HOME! That is more than 15 times larger than a typical apartment dwelling and is utterly unnecessary unless the family that occupies it is also 15 times larger.