green design, eco design, sustainable design, 19th century market, rooftop garden, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands ,Tsvetnoy Central Market, Moscow, Russia
©Chris Gascoigne

Perched at the top of the department store, the market is alive with activity, as customers buzz from food stalls to cafés to bars and even to an outdoor terrace. A combination of farmer’s bazaar, a gourmet food market and an eco restaurant, the eatery features foods from all over the world and natural eco products – a concept not yet common in Moscow. Inspired by old 19th century food vendors, the architects decided to recapture the feel of a thriving historical market, and even worked closely with food consultants to curate an exciting and diverse series of stalls.

The gorgeous fresh produce, colorful cakes, coffee and cocktails are all reflected in the signature beaten stainless steel ceiling, which spans the entire market.  The ceiling is comprised of 2,600 separate panels, each imprinted with different patterns and textures. The panels reflect the floors below and act like a luminous movie screen, depicting a colorful abstraction of the bustling activity of the shopping center.

The market place is largely lit by a giant skylight, which is also reflected by the ceiling.  Three separate terraces open to a green roof garden, restaurants, and spectacular views of historic Moscow. Lifschutz Davidson Sandliand’s market revives a historical tradition, while introducing modern trends such as sustainable foods and eco products. + Tsvetnoy Central Market + Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands Via Frame Mag Images ©Chris Gascoigne, courtesy of Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands