Jeremy Clarkson takes the world’s smallest car for a terrifying test drive on England’s busy A3 highway in this hilarious Top Gear episode. Built with a four wheel, all-terrain drive train, the P45 comes complete with turn signals, lights and a license plate that makes it technically legal to drive on all major roads in the UK. Hit the jump to watch Clarkson brave the A3.

The P45 has a 1.7 liter fuel tank and a 2 stroke 100 CC engine. The roof is a helmet and the windshield is the visor against which Clarkson’s face is squished for most of the video. It is perfectly roadworthy, though in this case, just because you can drive a tiny car down the highway doesn’t mean you should. After filling up the car without even getting out of it, a task that takes not much more than 30 seconds, Clarkson gets on the highway. If you’re at work, you have been warned. This video will make you laugh out loud.

Via Slate

All images are screen grabs from BBC’s Top Gear episode