It’s been a big year for green architecture and a landmark decade for green building awareness. Ten years ago, most people thought green building was still some hippy-dippy exercise in building grass-covered hobbit-huts, and now we know that not only can green building be modern and chic – it is also one of the best ways to combat climate change. Our passion for green building isn’t just that we are into environmental friendliness, but because green buildings are better designed, healthier, have lower energy bills, and are just plain smart. Read on for our top 6 green architecture stories of the year, and vote on your favorite!

Which is your favorite green architecture story of 2009?

  • 25 Votes 1. Salvaged Airplane Hotels Take Flight jumbo-hostel
  • 60 Votes 2. Skyscrapers Go Green Around the Globe green-skyscrapers-around-the-globe
  • 68 Votes 3. The Death and Rebirth of Michelle Kaufmann Prefab Designs michelle-kaufman-designs
  • 56 Votes 4. Reburbia Competition Redesigns the Suburbs reburbia-design-competition
  • 205 Votes 5. High Line Park Debuts in New York City high-line-park-opens
  • 161 Votes 6. The 2009 Solar Decathlon Unveils Stunning Solar-Powered Homes solar-decathlon

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