Melanie Porter, Tent, London, 2012, london design festival, chunky knit, recycled furniture

Melanie Porter’s showcased a warm and colorful mix of hand knit covered furniture that use found items for their bases. Her series features original cinema seats that have been given a new lease of life with a chunky knit wool. Additional works include textured lampshades, vase covers and cushions.

+ Melanie Porter

Furniture Magpies, Tent, London, 2012, London Design Festival, Recycled furniture, dining table, mantel clocks, drawers, table

Furniture Magpies were back at Tent this year with a brilliant new collection that includes their first ever dining table, a series of mantel clocks and candle holders placed alongside their signature lamps. The dining table aims to give a take on some kitchen cupboard duties, with old drawers fixed below the surface to store wine glasses, plates, bowls and tea sets.

+ Furniture Magpies

Daniel Schofield, Tent London, London Design Festival, 2012, Egg, hooks, fresh eggs,

Daniel Schofield’s coat eggs are a fun take on the traditional coat peg. Made from “free-range” FSC Beech, they come in boxes of half a dozen and are design and “laid” in Yorkshire. Clever!

+ Daniel Schofield

Treasure Colection, by, Studio 180 Degree, London, London Design Festival, 2012, Tent London

Studio 180 Degree delighted us with their Treasure Collection – a sofa and a stool which was born out of the desire to create an honest, handcrafted and eco-friendly sofa. Materials used include leather, natural flax, organic jute, twisted eco paper cord and wool yarn.

+ Studio 180 Degree

cable chair, anthony hartley, Tent London, london design festival, 2012

Anthony Hartley’s colorful designs are hard to miss, and we’ve fallen in love with his Cable Collection. This design gives ‘flat packed’ and DIY furniture a fresh new look and method, as Anthony introduces us to the cable-tie joint. You get to choose the component color combinations and can swap them around anytime by simply cutting through the table ties & replacing. Hopefully this means there is less excuse for throwaway furniture as styles and tastes change.

+ Anthony Hartley

sebastian cox, London Design Festival, tent London, 2012,

Sebastian Cox reminded us of the importance of the wood source in his well-crafted furniture pieces that use locally grown hazel wood that the designer himself has copiced when harvesting the wood. Coppicing is a woodland management method that provides a renewable supply of wood.

+ Sebastian Cox 

Arno Light, Emanuel Franz, London, Tent, London Deisgn Festival 2012

Arnolight is a fun set of three small lamps by Emanuel Franz that are made of turned waste wood and glued sawdust, shown as part of a show from students from Warsaw.

+ Emanuel Franz

Green Lamp, London, Tent. 2012, london design festival,

This quirky green lamp by Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski combines a plant pot and a table lamp to make a fun combination that puts the spotlight on plant growth.

+ Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski

Jay Watson, Sock Lights, London, London Design Festival, 2012, Tent London

Jay Watson wants your old socks! Watson treats them with eco resin derived from sunflowers and turns them into pendant lamps! The lights even feature recycled sockets and energy-saving LEDs.

+ Jay Watson

Oree Board, London Design Festival, Tent, London, 2012,

The Oree Keyboard is a clever cocktail of carpentry and technology that is crafted from a single piece of walnut or maple. The keyboard can connect to any laptop or tablet via bluetooth. You can see our full post about it here.

+ Oree Keyboard

Wally, Bedside Cabinet, London, Tent London, 2012, London Design Festival

The WALLY bedside table is the creation of Sara Kele who exhibited as part of the Young Hungarian Designer’s Association. The table is formed from dozens of pieces of scrap timber, beatifully finished, and is supported when placed against a wall. Sara said of the design, “The bedside table is an experiment, in the spirit of eco-conciousness, to produce exciting and good quality furniture from leftover wood.”

+ Sara Kele

+ Tent London

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Images by Gem Barton and Hazel Saunderson see more here on Flickr