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Located on the main street of town, the newly-opened Dames Dietz Deli (what a great name!) feature three stacked layers. The sloping planes are designed to draw in passersby and to promote the influx of as much natural light as possible. The upper levels are used for storage and the kitchen while the bottom level accommodates the guests.

Clad in brown ceramic tiles, the deli was constructed out of Nur-Holz, which is a highly sustainable material sourced in local European forests. “It is the first commercial project completed with this Cradle2Cradle structural framework method,” according to the designers, who add that “this unique, sustainable system integrates the structure, the services, the internal finishes as well as the insulating properties.” A beautiful new addition to the center of town, the 100 sqm deli opened its doors in May this year.

+ Baksvan Wengerden

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