eReaders are popping up these days like dandelions on an un-mowed lawn, and truthfully it’s hard to sing the praises of their individuality. But Toshiba has decided to give their next gadget a green twist by announcing that their new eReader, the Biblio Leaf, will be solar powered. We’re wondering what the reader is going to look like with a solar panel built in — and whether it will resemble the Kindle, shown above — but we’re sure this new sun soaker will look great on your electric bill.

ereader, electronics, gadget, green gadget, sustainable gadgets, biblio leaf, toshiba, environmetally friendly gadgets, green electronics, sustainable electronics, toshiba environmentThe latests releases have revealed that the Biblio Leaf will be about 8.5″l x 5″w and will have a 6″ tall electronic paper display — similar to the Kindle. Toshiba says that the solar panel will be capable of charging the battery enough for users to read up to 25 books, or 7,500 pages, on a single charge — that’s a lot of novels. The Biblio Leaf will also maintain wifi and 2 GB of memory for your storage needs.

KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications company, will start offering the Biblio Leaf with a $20 per month 3G contract in the near future. But unfortunately, for the time being, the Biblio Leaf looks only to be available in Japan.