Yes this is real! Japanese toilet company TOTO just unveiled the ultimate green motorcycle – and it doesn’t run on gasoline or an electric motor. Instead, TOTO’s “Toilet Bike Neo” runs on biogas that is produced from livestock waste. TOTO—which is not technically a motorcycle producer—created the poo-powered motorcycle topped with a toilet to promote TOTO’s environmental efforts.

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The Toilet Bike Neo is a three-wheeled motorcycle with a 250cc engine. Even though it’s seat is constructed out of a toilet, TOTO is quick to point out that the motorcycle does not run on human waste. The poop-powered motorcycle can travel up to 180 miles on a tank of animal waste. Last year, TOTO took the bike on a 876-mile journey across Japan.

Kevin Fujita, a TOTO spokesman stated, “We hope to raise awareness among customers about our green campaign through development of environmentally-friendly products such as water-saving shower heads and water-saving toilets.”

There are currently no plans to produce the Toilet Bike Neo for the commercial market.