We are so excited to learn that the amazing Toilet Bike Neo has completed its poop-powered 870 mile journey across Japan! Earlier this year, top toilet maker Toto unveiled their talking three-wheeled motorcycle, which includes a much laughed-about but only decorative toilet seat, as part of their plan to half their company’s carbon emissions by 2017. The motorbike is fueled by a combination of household sewage and livestock waste converted into an ecologically-friendly biogas that is stored in tanks at the back of the bike!

The bike weighs 837 pounds, can travel up to 186 miles at a stretch, and reaches speeds of up to 45mph – not exactly a high-flyer in the motorbike world. But still, it talks, and it writes messages in Japanese using LED lights. Besides, where else would a motorbike rider get to ride on a throne for three whole weeks? Sadly, NEO is not for sale, but these images and videos taken from Toto’s website will sit with you for a long, long time!

+ Toto

Via Reuters