I discovered Touch Design while trying to track down the origin of this wine glass chandelier which caught my eye at The Future Perfect. Touch design, a two person industrial design consultancy started by Pratt graduates Peter Andrew Valois and Michael Anthony Marra, makes a wide range of disparate products. Their products span the gamut of style, function and material, but are united in a common sense of clever playfulness. For example, Touch has a chair made entirely out of rubber-bands (Rubberbandit), a table which appears to be nothing but a floating table cloth (Ghost), and porcelain tableware which looks like droplets of milk.

We create pieces which encourage interaction by using whimsy and playfulness as a foundation. say the designers.

Also impressive is the puzzle piece Elbow coffee table, and the Chandelini (Wine glass chandelier, see above). In fact, there is nothing on Touch Design’s website that I don’t covet.